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      1. 歡迎光臨深圳市益烽達電子有限公司!

         服務熱線 :136-0307-4319(周先生)

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        聯系我們Contact Us


        聯 系:周先生

        電 話:13603074319                            

        郵  箱:2409338903@qq.com

        網  址:www.crowdtranche.com

        地  址:廣東省深圳市寶安區松崗街道東方社區東方一路31號廠房A棟302


        Shenzhen Yifengda Electronics Co., Ltd. is an enterprise engaged in the development, manufacturing, sales and service of uvled light curing equipment. It is formed by a group of experts who have been engaged in UV curing industry for many years. It has been engaged in the UVLED curing equipment industry since 2015. "Yifengda Electronics" has rich experience in cold light source UV curing and corresponding supporting equipment. At the same time, it has rich experience in providing solutions for different curing applications in related industries. The company focuses on the development of UV curing industry, adhering to "efficiency, energy saving The new concept of "environmental protection" serving the society, adhere to the business philosophy of "people-oriented, technology-based, honesty and trustworthiness", to provide customers with timely, professional, and in-place services, and strive to become one of the global UV curing solution providers.

        UV- LED固化設備

        益烽達電子擁有一批高素質、高水平的研發、生產及銷售團隊,擁有現代化生產加工工廠,公司以質量求生存,以信譽求發展,在日益競爭的國際市場化面前,我們將以過硬的產品質量和24小時的售后服務參與競爭,不斷提高、改進、創新,以更好的服務奉獻社會,奉獻廣大客戶。 公司主營產品:自主研發生產UV- LED固化設備。專注于: UV膠水固化、UV油墨固化、UV光油固化、UV涂料固化、UV家漆固化、等等各種UV感光材料固化。

        Yifengda Electronics has a group of high-quality, high-level R&D, production and sales teams, and modern production and processing factories. The company strives for survival by quality and development by reputation. In the face of increasingly competitive international marketization, we will be excellent Our product quality and 24-hour after-sales service participate in the competition, continuously improve, improve, and innovate to contribute to the society and our customers with better service. The company's main products: independent research and development and production of UV-LED curing equipment. Focus on: UV glue curing, UV ink curing, UV varnish curing, UV coating curing, UV home paint curing, and other UV photosensitive materials curing.